Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tales of a Literal Child: Pizza Bones

As a self proclaimed "foodie" I'm very proud to say that LM's food choices are finally expanding. He was the baby that ate homemade baby food - mangoes and avocados and edamame ... and then he turned two, and sensory issues hit full force. We went through a year of waffles and yogurt with the occasional chicken nugget. And of course, there was always Pizza. (He is his father's child after all!)

But slowly with age and sensory integration therapy he is trying all sorts of new foods. Hooray! I won't say he's head over heels happy about this, but he is compliant and trying new foods daily. Lots of vegetables now - all steamed for softer texture, he can't chew the raw yet - and new meats daily. Twice this week he had meat on a bone. He tried some grilled steak that I had cut up for him and then he tried a chicken leg. I was hovering a little - telling him to careful of the bones. Of course that was followed by his new favorite question of all time - BUT WHY???? "Because we don't eat bones. They'll hurt your teeth and are very bad for your belly if you swallow them."

SO tonight for a treat we took the boys downtown to our favorite pizza place. LM has a few bites of salad and then dove into the pizza. He ate about 3/4 of the slice and then reached for a new one. "Hey Little Man - finish the slice you have before you get another one." But Moooommmmm .... THOSE ARE THE BONES! They'll hurt my teeth and belly! I'll have to admit the crust was on the well done side ....

There are so many of these little quips that make us laugh and give us a peek into how his mind works. Glad for the opportunity to document a few of them. Do your kids have any funny name for foods? Sketties anyone?

Sing and Play the Sensory Way!


  1. :) Speaking of food issues I was going to suggest that you try the veggies with a different tempature-- My son will eat about a 1/2 cup of frozen peas- but hardly any cooked peas! and funny guy that my son is he will eat spagetti very happily but give him pizza and he won't eat it!
    anyway... thanks for letting this comment be all about me and my son...(smile) ! happy eating!

  2. Thanks for commenting Stacey. Both my sons used frozen peas while they were teething. It was so funny - other moms were carrying around cheerios and I had frozen peas! Thanks for sparking that memory! =D